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Passionate about logistics and technology

It takes great people to build a great product.

The Team

Eduard Oboimov CEO

Before starting eTEU, Eduard was running an online retailer specialising in healthcare products and cosmetics, receiving more than 2000 orders/month, with 700 different brands from over 20 countries listed on the website.

He was also leading the social enterprise project as part of Kickstart London Initiative, developing software solutions for local governments across United Kingdom, helping them to improve the process of raising funds for crucial infrastructure developments. The project received backing from number of high profile organisations, including KPMG, Microsoft Ventures and UCL VC Fund.

Leif Ollivierre MICS., FHEA CFO/Legal

Leif is a legal consultant and has worked in the international trade and maritime industry in a variety of roles. Leif has work on projects including international trade law, commercial law and compliance matters.

Leif has provided maritime education and training consultancy services to maritime educational institutions and shipping companies. Leif also has extensive experience in commercial shipping, including ship operations, ship broking, financial reporting, sales and marketing. Additionally, Leif has worked on the successful implementation of various operational, financial, regulatory and legal compliance projects.

Markkus Millend CTO

Markkus started his journey into the world of programming at an early age and has since then honed his skills specialising in back-end, however, also knowing his way around the front-end side of code development.

Markkus majors in Cyber Security Engineering and has worked with multiple startups among the Estonian entrepreneurial scene. At eTEU Markkus takes up the role of chief technology officer.

Kristian Volohhonski COO

Before joining eTEU, Kristian was working for an international management consulting firm. He was responsible for attracting new clients, managing initial business development process, translation as well as representing company interests in the United Kingdom.

At eTEU he is responsible for business development process and managing company relationships with corporate clients.

Valentyne Kutateladze CBDO

Valentyne comes from a family of port logistics workers, for 2 generations his family members were engaged in sea freight and port operations business.

He followed in their footsteps and done stints at TIS Group (largest port logistics operator in Eastern Europe) and logistics focused investment fund MV Cargo, where he helped to organise their partnership with Cargill Corporation on development of largest grain terminal in Yuzhni Port.  He now heads product development at eTEU, and is also responsible for our relationships with logistics operators.

Mykhaylo Lepekha CCO

Mykhaylo is logistics specialist and previously was working as a project manager for the freight forwarding company and later as the supply chain specialist for the major chemical fertilizers manufacturer.

At eTEU he is responsible for managing operational side of the business and is working with client orders to assure the safe delivery of freight to the port of destination.


Sam Power

Sam is experienced business development expert who previously led the growth of Tilt and Airbnb in United Kingdom and Ireland.

He currently oversees expansion of online investment management service Wealthsimple in the British market. Sam became our advisor via Kickstart London program and helps us to navigate in murky waters of growing digital business.