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Passionate about logistics and technology

It takes great people to build a great product.

The Team

Eduard Oboimov CEO

Eduard previously had experience managing software development projects, both in the government and private sector. He also had firsthand experience of managing international supply chain as an SME business owner.

He was the co-founder of an e-commerce business, responsible for managing import operations from more than 20 countries.

Kristian Volohhonski COO

Before joining eTEU, Kristian was working for an international management consulting firm. He was responsible for early-stage business development, translation, and worked closely with the development team to help the company better deliver the software implementation for the clients.

At eTEU he is responsible for operations and managing company relationships with clients.

Markkus Millend CTO

Markkus is a Cyber Security Engineer, having worked with multiple early-stage companies and startups in the European Union and Estonia. His latest passion - blockchain, has lead him to eTEU.

At eTEU Markkus takes up the role of chief technology officer.

Valentyne Kutateladze CBDO

Valentine has work experience at the leading logistics hub on the Black Sea - "Terminals TIS Group". Valentine worked in a project development department, preparing and executing deals with multinational logistics companies.

He took part in structuring partnerships and joint ventures with leading global businesses and international logistics companies, including deals with DP World, Maersk and Cargill.

Mykhaylo Lepekha Head of Sales

Mykhaylo worked in the maritime logistics industry in the sales department of a freight forwarding firm, later taking up the position of youngest ever deputy director of economic department at the largest Ukranian state-owned seaport Yuzhniy.

He actively worked towards attracting SME freight forwarders to facilitate their frictionless integration into state port infrastructure.

Dr. Kaitai Liang Advisor

Kaitai is currently a lecturer (assistant professor) at SCCS (which is one of the top 14 Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research recognised by the UK Government Communications Headquarters in partnership with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) and Department of Computer Science, University of Surrey, U.K.

His main research interests are applied cryptography, privacy and security in information technology; in particular, encryption, signature, blockchain security, cloud computing security, Internet of things, post-quantum crypto, privacy enhancing technology and lightweight secure system.