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We Work With You On

  • Optimising data sharing and secure document transfer processes
  • Decreasing administrative costs
  • Improving data security and preventing delays within the supply chain
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Blockchain Technology

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Decentralised

With the help of blockchain technology, eTEU remains an operator of the platform, and does not have access to any of the documents drafted or transferred through our platform, thus guaranteeing that the users can feel confident and secure in knowing that their personal data belongs strictly to them.

Blockchain Technology

Lightspeed Efficiency

  • Efficient
  • Easy to use

Processing and authenticating documents through the decentralised network automates a number of costly and time-consuming tasks across the supply chain.

Processes such as container release in ports, cargo insurance and quality control rely on an efficient performance of document transfer. Any delay in the drafting as well as document release from one party to the other will cause problems in the overall supply chain.

Data Analysis Software

Seamless Implementation

  • Fast
  • Accessible

eTEU is a simple web application, which does not require complicated implementation procedures or technical capabilities to host your own nodes on blockchain network. Seamless integration is at the core of eTEU project, thus avoiding workflow disruptions when integrated with existing software. This enables a smooth transition to paperless trade and overall digitalisation of the documentation processes. Built on a distributed ledger, eTEU platform is accessible to small and medium sized freight forwarders and shippers in the industry - equipping them with tools previously accessible only to the largest firms in the shipping space.

Mobile Platform

Bring shipping to the 21st century with us!

About Us

We are a team with different backgrounds united by our goal to digitalise the shipping and modernise the processes within the industry. Our members have either experienced the issues our project tackles themselves, or as an extension of their families working in the space. We aim to make documentation as simple as possible, allowing companies from small to big to excel at operating in the shipping space. Join us now to bring shipping to the 21st century!

Meet the team

Our Ambitions

The shipping industry is growing year by year. Despite the fact that the Economy of Things and blockchain technologies are becoming more developed, the smaller players in the space are falling behind and are at risk of not being able to compete with the larger companies on the market, who have access to the new technology. The costs related to trade documentation processing and administration are estimate to be roughly one-fifth of the physical transportation costs. Even establishing the authenticity of such documents, can often be frustratingly difficult. The vision of eTEU is to make the process of document drafting and transfer more user-friendly, accessible and efficient for smaller to medium sized companies as well as for firms looking to establish themselves in the industry.